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“Ahalan Wa Sahalan” – you’ll be welcomed by this traditional greeting on your arrival in Cairo – we’ll get you to your hotel – explore, relax or sleep, the city awaits you tomorrow….
Old Cairo
Today you’ll visit the famous Egyptian museum, home of Tutankhamen’s treasures and the pharaohs who ruled this land (the actual mummified pharaohs…). You’ll visit the crusader-era Citadel, the “Alabaster” Mohamed Ali Mosque and the vibrant Khan El Khalili Bazaar. You’ll spend the night Cairo, taking in the sounds and colours of the city at sunset….
Luxor •Karnak • Valley of the Kings
This morning, an early flight will set us down in Luxor, where you’ll marvel at some of the most impressive and mysterious monuments of the ancient world. Your visit to the aweinspiring Temple of Karnak will be a memory to cherish. After crossing the river our guide will bring to life the Valley of the Kings, in whose elaborate rock-cut tombs rested many of Egypt’s greatest Pharaohs. We’ve plenty of time to get to the airport for our flight to Cairo, where we’ll spend the night....
Great Pyramids • Memphis • Sakkara
Today you’ll greet the dawn and travel back in time some 5000 years…. Our first destinations, the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and Khafre’s Temple of the Valley, will stun even repeat visitors – it’s not uncommon to find locals who come out for a day of inspiration.... From here we’ll visit the ruins of the ancient capitol of Egypt, Memphis, home to a colossal statue of Ramses II. At Sakkara you’ll visit the mastaba tombs of the elite and the Step Pyramid of Zoser, a virtual “staircase to heaven”. We’ll explore the amazing city of the dead and later in the evening transfer to the Cairo airport in plenty of time for your flight.

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